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An Operational Overview 

It is our distinct pleasure to provide a page of credentials and an overview of our experience to help you confidently choose our services for your next project. Individually I have certifications in Advanced Pen Testing, Linux system administration, Corporate Cyber Security Mgmt, programming languages as follows: python, php, java, javascript, c++, html, sql, and some degree of familiarity with various other like Ruby etc.

Operational Experience 

Since 2011 I've developed over 2 dozen websites not counting the dozen or so for myself. My first website however was back in 2003, and was used to sell handmade jewelry. The most often requested platforms from me have been Wordpress and similar content management systems. This prompted me to spend a great deal of time (over 200 hours) familiarizing myself with the frameworks that make such platforms more extensible. We have not directly developed mobile apps, but have assisted others including developers, through the process where they required help. We do know of several app building frameworks that require very little experience and often recommend them to newcomers who specifically want mobile apps. 

Security First 

We have developed Linux server systems that could accommodate clients in the past who wanted something security focused. Our work on such projects have ranged from platforms like Suse Linux to Red Hat and even Clear OS. We do have a methodology for making security on such systems considerably more significant. This involves file locking, port mgmt software, firewall configurations that allow for IDS like Suricata, and more.  Our security experience is ongoing, and often involves consultations with startups who wish to develop better tools, better methodologies, better topology, and of course better platforms.


Our network includes several marketing firms who may be of some assistance* but that is project dependent - and we have little control over which agencies will work with which clients. That said, we can help you establish your brand through our considerable social network which at present has over 20,000 twitter followers over 4 accounts, and a small but focused Facebook and Linkdin following. We can certainly help you establish a presence one way or another.

To Employ Our Services

For a website you'll want a host, a domain, and an idea. And we can help you with all 3 actually, so if you have any of those just contact us via and ask what we can do on whatever budget you are allotting - don't be surprised if we offer more for your money than our competitors. We don't actually have direct competitors as we focus on software development, website development, reviews, and our many other projects. We even write books, but can set that aside to build you a website. For other services you may contact me via the same email, but please specify in the subject line and send any required authorization (in the case of existing company with oversight) as well as proposal.