Building An Inexpensive Bitcoin Miner

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Kiss any dreams of this being a way to get rich goodbye – but with tweaking who knows? For this tutorial to be useful for you personally you will need either a Raspberry Pi 3 or something similar. (Or just a computer)

You’ll also need:

  • An operating system image that works from an SD card
  • An SD card – preferably class 10 (Ebay)
  • The SD card imager software for whatever OS you are on – win32 disk imager vs Linux’s own native disk imager
  • A powered multi port usb hub (Ebay)
  • Asic chips like block erupters or an asic cube (Also Ebay)
  • An hdmi monitor or the ability to ssh into your sbc (Ebay)
  • A usb keyboard, bluetooth keyboard, or the ability to ssh into your sbc (Ebay)
  • Mouse – optional (Ebay)
  • A pooled mining account – more on that later (Not on Ebay)
The default Raspbian Jessie background… for now

Flashing an OS to your SD card – The imager software must be directed to the image as well as the sd card – on Linux the correct method is generally right clicking the image and telling it to “restore to sd card” or some similarly confusing term that just means that it’s assumed you are restoring a backup. It is possible to set up a Raspberry Pi to boot from USB but that will be in another tutorial.

The same type of usb hub could be used for clustering the pi’s or even used as makeshift raid

After flashing the image to SD you may remove it and place it into the sbc – and hook up the multiport usb device, hdmi monitor, keyboard, etc before powering on. It is safe to use the multiport hub to power your sbc as long as the voltage doesn’t exceed the sbc safe voltage – i.e. if you are only supposed to use 2.5 – 5 volts you should be fine.

Installing the Asic chips and connecting them to the mining pool – I’ve found a video for that.

Video Courtesy Of TingaWinga5



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