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Browser miners are nothing new in the crypto currency world. Essentially a simple cpu mining script is added to a page and generally with just a bit patience everyone gets a tiny bit of bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, or whatever the script is mining.  Currently there are around 323.1 million people just in the US and within 10 min, if the entire population of the US opened such a script for it would generate $25,277 at the current exchange rate. Granted half of that would be used for development but the other half could help any given cause, but that’s a lot for just 10 min. The potential is mind blowing. Naturally that isn’t a likely scenario, but with the right traffic a considerable sum could be achieved.

That’s a method, now for a motive

Between crowdfunding, and various products that website visitors have turned a blind eye to, raising money via a website can be challenging. Most people have neither the interest nor the inclination to purchase anything, and certainly don’t wish to click on banner ads. Yes there are other ways to monetize, but this can be another one. Even an opinion poll with two links to see who cared enough to stay on a page to raise money for a cause, is more than sufficient reasoning to implement such a system. The overall impact on SEO would be dramatic. Crypto currency has a cash value just like the stock market it goes up and down from day to day. think of when you send USD to the Philipinnes, it converts to php through the currency exchange rate just like crypto currency converts to USD. So by donating your time with a browser window open you are generating a small amount of crypto currency. now multiply this by hundreds, thousands or even millions of people donating their time to a cause. It could change the world. Want to give it a try? Or see how to implement it yourself? Contact either me or Mr Evans.

Example of the script* Proceeds in this case will measure interest and assist development of the tools for Mr Evans to make this service available to other administrators as a service.
As you have been reading you have generated a small amount of crypto currency. If you wish to continue to the development please leave this page open.

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