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Wine as in Windows emulation, not emulation though. Making programs written for Windows, run natively in Linux, which is considered… something. In any case whatever we call that, we use a program in Linux called Wine, and not long ago it got some major updates. (Wine 2)

Using Wine by itself can be tricky though, so many users are accustomed to using Winetricks, while others are accustomed to PlayOnLinux, and they both do something arguably similar. They provide a simplified way to tailor the wine environment to a specific package. A good example might be trying to run Dreamweaver on Linux, only to discover that there isn’t much documentation about getting it to work natively because while users love having the option, only a few places are going to mention how to get it up and running.

Welcome to one of those places.

It turns out that by installing PlayOnLinux from the terminal makes this challenge far less challenging. Open the terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install playonlinux
(Or if you aren’t on a debian or ubuntu type system insert the appropriate package manager invocation and question your life choices, i.e. rpm, pacman, etc.)
sudo apt-get update
if you like and then open the PlayOnLinux gui from your menu. After it sets itself up by downloading needed components, (mono runtimes etc) look along the tabbed interface for developer, or search for Adobe Dreamweaver using the search field.

*This does require the disk

We’re assuming you have the disk, if you don’t then what were you thinking? Anyway select Dreamweaver’s installation option, then wait until prompted to insert the disk. If you got ahead of us and inserted the disk we’ll wait while you eject it and reinsert it. Hopefully that didn’t complicate your installation but if it did just close the gui and reopen it. (Not kidding)

What not to allow

There will be a tick box asking whether to allow updates, “absolutely not.” Not only is there not a Linux repository that supports Dreamweaver, but there probably never will be. Not because Dreamweaver isn’t epic and great, but because it isn’t on any package management update profile and therefore isn’t that darn important.

What you might have noticed

Click +

There were a ton of specified applications in PlayOnLinux that you wouldn’t have thought would run natively in Linux. That’s just a fraction of the ones that actually do. To determine if an unlisted program does either download it, or pop in the disk, and use the right click menu to open with wine. You could be in for a pleasant surprise as more and more Windows specific programs and games seem to work on Linux with fewer and fewer issues.

Why do I see Safari in PlayOnLinux

Safari has a windows installation candidate that works (kind of) on Linux but it’s a bit like the internet explorer installers, do not allow updates, and don’t expect much. While they work for testing how a website will look on those browsers, they aren’t magically going to be good browsers. Running Windows versions of browsers on Linux is possible, but there isn’t much need as there are Linux variants of most modern browsers. (I use Chrome – and I don’t mean Chromium.) Meanwhile if you want to see magic, run the Windows steam client… isn’t that something?

Hopefully this has given you a bit of insight on using PlayOnLinux, it doesn’t get much easier or harder than what we’ve described here, though many games will need settings adjustments to work correctly. For that visit PlayOnLinux’s pages.

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