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Chances are, after my last few posts, you wonder if I am still struggling with health issues while at Greendrop. I in fact have left the company in pursuit of something less physical as I am not doing well. Recently after the Covid issues, Debra and I developed RSV, and have coughed constantly, while dealing with massive fatigue for weeks now. Her doctors have tried a variety of treatments while I have pursued more natural remedies and neither of us are truly better yet, but I am endeavoring to go back to working from home.


I loved the job, I was optimistic upon my return but as weeks went by my body just would not cooperate. Between my wrists and back the discomfort level prompted me to call in sick one day, and after some fallout from that I decided it just wasn’t going to work. They are a great company and I wish them all the success in the world.


Among the more unusual job hunting situations, I find occasional scams on there including a recent attempt at pretending to be IBM hiring remotely. This was presented as a fairly reasonable offer but between the rainbow colored fonts in the email correspondence and the attempt to use the “Telegram App” for the recruitment process I recognized the scam. (IBM uses WEBEX fyi, and while some tiny mom and pop operation might use telegram nobody professional does to my knowledge.)

I do still offer web services – so if you need a website, or work on an existing one feel free to email me as I currently screen my calls against scam callers, most of whom are just sure I need new car warranty services.

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