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As the world death toll from this virus creeps ever higher, many of us are examining data curves and adjusting to the new stay at home lifestyle. I’ve read more than a little about this Coronavirus but I must admit the more interesting aspect of all of this has been the fallout between major health agencies and the governments of the world.

Case In Point Italy

Rumors started circulating the globe that Italy had begun refusing care to elderly citizens and that Socialized Health Care was the culprit. This was a chilling forewarning to folks in the UK who generally have long waits for care under the best circumstances. Al Jazeera confirms that waits for non Covid cases have reached record lengths and a cursory look can see that worldwide this pandemic has taken a massive toll on health care systems.

The Broader Questions

Most US citizens seem to have adapted to the new conditions with the “expected complications” of; new scams, and awkward food delivery situations, forcing people to adapt in smaller ways. Paper Towels and Bathroom Tissue seem to be the hardest items to acquire in some areas, while in others bottled water or basic sundry items like flour were hardest to get. Price gouging is strictly monitored/enforced in most areas and while restaurants are largely closed to the public, many are open for delivery or carryout. Some are even resorting to grocery delivery.

When Will Things Go Back To Normal

In the US things are largely on course to normalcy but restarting the economy may reveal more serious irrevocable changes. You can bet many businesses have noticed how much lower their operating costs are now with remote workers. Brick and mortar businesses are expensive to maintain, and there may not be much incentive to go back to the way things were for many. The new normal may be a lot quieter, with many noticing shorter, or even non existent commutes. Of course commuting to one’s couch with a laptop can still be stressful, but generally much quicker.

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