Hello readers,

A lot has happened in the last few months. I’ve started training full time to work as a customer service rep for a major cellular carrier and the training has been a lot of fun.

Our instructor has been struggling with laryngitis so we’ve had a few stand ins and all in all things are generally on track for the holidays. I have nearly completed the next Chronicles of Arcadia book (a year ago) and it features Lynn’s mother and a host of other strange characters that enliven the story a bit beyond the gloom of books 2 and 3. It will be finished when I think it’s perfect, so expect it in 2022.

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Halloween Kills: and every other Halloween movie, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare On Elm Street was, “how we spent our week of Halloween.” Tonight we saw a strangely charming little movie called Jacob’s Wife. You might enjoy it or you might think it’s too campy, to each their own.

I’m delighted to check in and say thanks again for being loyal readers – next year I will pursue writing with a bit more vigor in my downtime. Might do another album, more paintings, more everything really. Stay in touch the old fashioned way and best wishes for your holiday season. I may do a few more blogs etc around Christmas if I start feeling nostalgic but don’t count on it.

This might be a good time of year to order a Latte Panda for a loved one if they are obsessed with tech like I am. There are articles about that device on the site and in the archives so get cracking on that list and I’ll see you all soon enough.

With love,

Brian Taylor aka Always In Tao

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