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It was Christmas, then it was my grandfather dying. Then it was New Years, then a memorial. Now it’s behind us and I can tell you which liquor I’d be doing reviews of if this were that kind of website. People have been awesome, I saw the best in everyone for awhile. I did what I could and so did everyone else. I’m proud of our family and friends. I think he would have been pleased that none of us turned the gathering into a dramatic stressful nightmare, not that we couldn’t… but we didn’t.


Still on page 83 which is where I left off in writing “The Big Bad” The sequel to “Dorn’s Day, Pitch Black Book Of Morgan, and Chronicles Of Arcadia.” It’s good so far, they all are. I regret making the first one seem obligatory as it was meant as a preface to the experimental writing style that I clearly abandoned by page 1 of Pitch Black Book Of Morgan. I should have just said start with that one. I didn’t and as a result nobody is really reading the series or if they are I have no idea. Those who have read it say it’s good, but then what would anyone say to me in person aside from that?

Stuff To Do

Trying a graphics tablet… I did the Wally Books in various paint programs with just a mouse. This may be arguably similar or I just need to adjust to it. I have so many gizmos I should just do strictly product reviews on whatever is on my desk for about 3 years. (I’m almost kidding.) I’ll be heading up to DC for a while soon and between now and then I have stuff to do.

Found you a whatever the hell that is…
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