Hello reader,

It’s mid week and I will be heading out to visit my grandpa, pick up coffee, and various other errands. It’s hot out today and my lizard friends are basking.


Grandma’s Pastor visited this morning, he’s a nice fellow who always brightens up her day. He’s a busy person as well.

One recent visit by our friend John. He tried out several VR games on my mixed reality headset and seemed to enjoy it as much as I do.

Debra and I are up to season 5 of Burn notice. We watch it nightly and it’s been wonderful so far. I’m eager to see Bruce Campbell’s Evil Dead TV series as I enjoyed the movies thoroughly.

I’ll be doing more reviews soon and am still testing several things for fitness of purpose. We’re busy but never too busy to read your suggestions. info@alwaysintao.com

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