The Intriguing World Of Neville Goddard

Whether you believe, truly, in the Law Of Attraction or not, there was a gentleman from Barbados…

Born February 19th 1905 Neville Lancelot Goddard became something of a pioneer in the world of esotericism. He authored and lectured shortly after his instruction from an Etheopian Rabbi named Abdullah, who taught him among other things “The Law Of Assumption” in 1931.

Just one of many lectures available for free on YOUTUBE

Living in the end, a brief summation: When imagining the things one desires, one should assume that imagination is the power that can bring it to fruition. They may imagine a scene that implies that the objective desire is already realized and persist in that assumption until it hardens into fact.

The Ladder Exercise

For the purpose of demonstrating the power of this technique he assigned an exercise. Write down on a few pieces of paper the phrase, “I will not climb a ladder.” repeat it once in a while throughout the day with sincere conviction. At night however as you lie in bed imagine climbing up and down a ladder until you fall asleep. Dear reader, this exercise led to me climbing a ladder after 4 days.

He imparted to those who managed to come back after this discovery, “Imagine if you had simply been repeating that you were never going to be a millionaire.”

The charming brahman diction, the stories, the challenge of it all. Deciding to listen as he boldly asserts that the human imagination is God. He makes no bones about it and his arguments are as compelling as the evidence we end up presenting ourselves with. Is it wishful thinking, wish craft, law of attraction, or something else? He tells that Abdullah chided him upon hearing that he wanted for the first time to return to Barbados after 12 years. Abdullah corrected him by saying, “You are already in Barbados.” Neville wasn’t sure what he meant but Abdullah persisted in these corrections until Neville started actually walking around believing he was in Barbados. He slept as though he were in his father’s house, and eventually a letter came with a ticket and $50.

There is more to that story but the part that matters is quite plain. Are you already in Barbados? It might seem silly, but if prayer, magick, LOA, Meditation, mantras, or any other path have ever held any mystery for you, this long dead fellow’s lectures might hold an answer for you.

May your daydreams yield the desired results.

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