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Battle Of The Bulge Memorial Eustis Florida

It’s January… If I were still in Ohio it would be very cold right now. I lend my grandfather my hooded sweatshirt because in the shade it’s a breezy 60 degrees. We lived in this same area 25 years ago…

Space Engineers

Holy crap this gets better and better! So yeah, I love Science fiction and so many games that I play dabble in it but there is definitely a curve. In some games it’s an atmospheric setting, in some it might…

Amazon Fire HD

I love mine, but I added Google Playstore pretty much as I took it out of the box because that’s what I do to stuff… I have a complicated relationship with anything android related because adb push is such a…

Moved To Florida

Very different… Better in many ways.

Tomb Raider

This isn’t a new game… but it was awesome! Reviewing new games is great and all but reviewing great games is better. Have a look at some of the incredible sequences of the 2013 game. I have a whole playlist…

This Meditation

It’s not just the breathing. The intention behind a thing is powerful, you can feel intent when someone pokes at you gingerly or cruelly even if they aren’t varying the pressure. Attention to the breath… Yes that is important. Not…

Canon Pixma Printer

I’m as surprised as you… As a rule when reviewing products I have purchased I take a skeptical stance on items that are “far below” typical expected prices. So when I went shopping for a printer I had one goal:…

#BlogTalk Interviews Of 2013

So these are the interviews in no particular order… You may enjoy these as much as I did.

I Started Painting

Obviously as I keep at it I find it gets more enjoyable. Much like with writing the hope is that I’ll gradually improve until I have something more to my own liking. I’ll share more of these as I go.


The first book I wrote was the third I released as the editing process took a long time. AlwaysInTao is still quite well received and is available on Amazon here.