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Canon Pixma Printer

I’m as surprised as you…

As a rule when reviewing products I have purchased I take a skeptical stance on items that are “far below” typical expected prices. So when I went shopping for a printer I had one goal: The cheapest all in one wireless printer that had inexpensive ink replacement.

The rundown: Upon delivery the box was looking 95% perfect and inside the items were well packaged and all present. The connection took seconds to and the included software was up and running in no time.

Color quality – Awesome for the price – everything is clear and sharp enough to have come from a reputable print shop.

Build on hardware – Adequate and for the price I’d say exceptional.

Software – Thoroughly unwarranted for the whole shebang to be on startup so I’d advise taking it off of startup and using built in print functions on office software etc to operate. The exception is for the scanner which seems to require either a button press on the device or that included software package which runs fine from an icon.

At less than $60 I’d highly recommend Canon’s Pixma for home/small office use and so far in 6 months operation haven’t come close to draining the ink.

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