Empyrion Galactic Survival

Hello readers,

I’ve come to appreciate small differences between games a bit more in recent months. My obsession with Space Engineers is serving me well in Empyrion. While I certainly can say they are similar games, there are big differences in what they offer and those differences translate to very different pros and cons.

Space Engineers: Without a doubt this game is complex in it’s offering regarding building tools. Pistons, Rotors, and various other assemblies with more realistic physics for thrusters etc. Downside is the lack of pve encounter variety. Easier multiplayer but more slowdown, similar graphics but less variety.

Empyrion: Incredibly diverse pve but less realistic thrust options vs weight of the ships. Delightful but difficult multiplayer setups, much of the multiplayer requires higher end specs. More encounter and npc variety but strangely less space combat.

Most of the time you spend on design in Empyrion pays off with useful ships and even with mods Space Engineers simply hasn’t provided that experience yet.

Verdict – both games are awesome but for variety I think I prefer Empyrion right now. Try both and let us know what you think.

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