HP ProBook 6460b Day 1 Review in 2019

While this is my first encounter with this hardware it is certainly not brand new. This model has been in circulation since 2011 and in spite of that is certainly worth a look.

A glance at the brushed aluminum screams premium, and so far in testing the unit isn’t plagued by the infamous HP heatstroke which I’d experienced on various other models of this era. (Pavillions etc)

It’s a sleek and stylish chassis with plenty of power under the hood. a second gen i5 (hyper threaded 4 core) and 8 GB Ram may have been the “go to” upgrade for the earliest consumers of this item. I’m impressed with its condition and the vendor was spot on in his description of it’s performance.

Pretty right?

A small snafu as the bottom most right track button isn’t functional. The one above the trackpad is though – so not an issue.

I may change the website theme soon… decisions decisions.

Features: Fingerprint scanner, (not in use) webcam, (not in use) dvd rw, 4 USB ports (I’ll identify 2.0 vs 3.0 later) Firewire port, Docking port connector and more. This unit used can range in price from the low 100’s to around $975 and it was just my luck to find a vendor offering one for less.

Fit to purpose, I could easily see this in: Business class, Small business, Executive, and Administrative classes. Ideal for college students provided the battery holds a sufficient charge. I’m testing this unit using Ubuntu Mate.

Startup time 5 seconds from login to desktop – probably 5 from boot to login.

4K works fine. Resolution 1366 X 768 at 60hz. Send questions for testing and I’ll do my best to answer them.

The ratings 4.5 stars on the old system. I’ll speed test etc in the near future. Overall Awesome!

** Special thanks to the vendor as well as the gentleman who took the time to deliver the unit. The delivery service dropped this off at the wrong address and the recipient brought it to our place the next day.

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