Holy crap this gets better and better!

So yeah, I love Science fiction and so many games that I play dabble in it but there is definitely a curve. In some games it’s an atmospheric setting, in some it might be the story… In this it’s something else entirely.

You don’t understand how to do a lot of this out of the box – there is learning involved. Building a ship might be easy enough in Creative mode but there is still a curve. Will it leave orbit? Will it survive a meteor strike? What about an attack? Can you set up autopilot without looking it up? Have you figured out how to use the faction system to set a whole war up in the sky?

Yep… I’m addicted now. I love sandbox games when they offer exactly this much depth. It’s not a new concept, “let the player build _____ and hope for the best.” In this case Keen did something miraculous, they rewarded those of us patient enough to look up how to do everything with improved experiences. Want to survive warheads? Layer armor blocks around tires guys. Not the little tires, 3×3 tires. Want it to get off the planets with that thick armor? Scale way up.

As for using the faction system to get wars going… build a faction, add npc’s and promote one to leader. Set gps waypoints and add a remote control to several ships. Get the remotes going to those waypoints, add an antenna or open a door to leave (that’s an important step) highlight every block on the ship and transfer it to another faction, or to yours but then leave that faction. Rinse and repeat and soon you have a sky littered with ships fighting each other and you and your friends.

You can do this in survival mode as well. Do not turn on permanent death though because it’s pretty hard to enjoy the fruits of your labors when you cannot respawn.

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