A Week Of Using LattePanda 64

Hello reader,

For the last seven days I’ve tried using the LattePanda 64 by DFRobot, as my primary computer to see how well it could handle my workload. I have done this after correcting a few user end issues which were as follows:

  • Power supply – I required a 3+amp version of the android type power supply as my others weren’t capable enough for suitable performance.
  • Antenna – I found that the stock wifi antenna wouldn’t be suitable at my operational range from the router so I replaced it quickly.
  • Windows 10 Professional – Due to not immediately identifying my initial power supply issue, I overwrote the stock oem lattepanda version of Windows 10 “at need.”
  • Added a 5v fan – While I haven’t actually had an overheating issue of any kind, many users had reported such issues and I elected to use the fan and power it via the gpio on the board.



Day 1. Naturally I installed the OS and set about to install as many of the correct drivers as possible. I had time to test Half Life 2, and Portal 2, which both worked in fullscreen without any settings changes. I attribute this to both the cherry trail chipset drivers and the intel hd drivers working w/o issue. Wrote a few blogs, did some modifications for a website client and had no performance issues. 1920×1080 for games and monitor.

Day 2. Watched several movies on the device, edited and wrote several articles, and added one series of updates for Windows 10 1607 after activating Windows. I was almost immediately prompted to do the creators update (delayed it) and did some light modification for a website client. Switched back to Linux Mint 18 on my Dell Latitude e6410 for evening movies etc for comparisons.

Day 3. More articles, updated to 1703, more web tweaking and some light editing, paused to do my video editing on Linux as I hadn’t setup LattePanda for video editing. Started watching Game of Thrones season 7 on Amazon. One error reporting intel (R) dynamic thermal framework driver, is out of date cropped up as *5 driver notices w/o available upgrades. The device seems unaffected but will see if said drivers are on the way.

Day 4. Shared over a dozen videos to social media, more articles, more web work, and a bit of research. The Panda has been exemplary and does everything as well as my laptop unless there is a ton of network traffic. I’m surprised it can keep up with i5 but it’s a pleasant surprise.

Day 5. Read through forums about single boards and just like on  lattepanda forums I noticed many user issues being reported as device issues.  I’ve already identified and solved my own. Left a few comments and went back to work. Hopefully someone will see the article and try actually solving a problem rather than just complaining about it.

Day 6. Effortless getting the device to play along with my programming environment needs, am still amazed at this little credit card sized device behaving so well under my extended periods of heavy use, the developers should b proud of their work.

Day 7. Evaluating several boards under various conditions and not surprisingly all are performing admirably. I wish we could get full support for Google Chrome on arm architecture boards so I could try a full week with those as well. If there is one absolute triumph of the x86_64 architecture on a singleboard it is that native support.

That 5v fan

In conclusion

A week on the LattePanda 64 is just a wonderful week. It is fast capable, reliable, and with just a few tweaks can easily fit your project needs or act as a drop in replacement for a PC. Provided you have hdmi compliant monitors or TV’s it’s absolutely fit to purpose for media streaming, light to moderate gaming, day to day use, and of course anything you can control with light-heavy programming and arduino controls. I rate it a solid 5 after my additions and a solid 4.5 without due to limited wifi range.


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