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For testing purposes we invariably wipe operating systems out, and reinstall them (frequently) on many of our devices. One instance saw us redoing Windows 10 on LattePanda 64 from scratch recently and we thought we’d share our tips for a smooth installation.

Countless ways to make cases – this one is temporary but allows the fan to sit beneath the cpu
Not pretty – but pretty effective as the device hasn’t overheated

It works best with a stronger power supply

  1. Get a usb drive to transfer these drivers between machines – the wifi is slow on the panda until everything is configured.
  2. Use Rufus after downloading the Windows 10 image, and make sure to format the usb as a fat32 rather than an NTFS filesystem.
  3. Look at the realtek drivers for the wireless lan (sdio) and audio drivers
  4. Don’t expect it all to work until you have finished the driver installations
  5. Cherry Trail drivers and dependencies
  6. Update that bios if you planned on it. It’s located here*
  7. To do the bios update download the drivers and bios package (which doesn’t do much for the 64 bit Panda, aside from telling you which drivers to go hunt for) and unzip the bios file for your model to a usb and reboot with the usb plugged into the panda.
  8. Always opt for the drivers that come as executable files, and always run them as admin by right clicking the executable and allowing whatever it prompts.

There are certainly other drivers to hunt for, but that should get you online and able to get where you need to be.

*Optionally we added the intel pro wifi drivers for wifi with some success, as well as the intel hd graphics driver which works well but causes an unusual effect… it made our Windows 10 come up in tablet mode, which is easy enough to fix in settings by going to system and deselecting tablet mode. Be prepared to change resolution etc from scratch.

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The LattePanda 64 is an amazing sbc, we love tinkering with it, and it rewards us for every project by outperforming itself in some special way. Don’t starve your Panda with a 2.5 power supply. Don’t run it from the usb port in a laptop, and don’t wrestle with it all day when something isn’t working right. Just go read the documentation and you’ll eventually find your solutions.

Latte Panda get’s a 4.5 out of 5 for being such a capable sbc, it’s arduino capability is awesome, and it’s incorporation of visual studios and other programming platforms is simply brilliant. We don’t recommend overwriting the original OS because it takes a while to get it all back to perfect.

If the Wifi were just a tad quicker it would be a solid 5, and if I find a way to make it quicker I’ll update this article and our rating.

Portal 2 full graphics on LattePanda 1920×1080
Runs video up to 4 k but definitely needs a ton of bandwidth to do it so get a good antenna (salvaged mine from an old laptop)
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