The Ego


The Ego

Hello reader, We can regard the ego as it was described by Freud or Jung and miss the entire purpose of this discourse so let me begin by defining the context of the ego to…

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My Book Links

Hello reader, In response to a request for my paperback links I figured to save time I’d publish these here. So if you need a quick reference to more easily spread the word, be my…


Entrepreneurial Strategy

Hello reader, How many of us have a business plan that involves more question marks than exclaimation points? I’m working on something new oftener than not due to the shortsightedness of myself in the earliest…


Removing CryptoVirus

Hello reader, 3 calls a day and companies are charging 200 dollars… (thieves captalizing on thieves) Here you go, just follow the steps. How to remove CryptoLocker Ransomware & Restore Cryptolocker Encrypted files. Start your…


The Coin Toss Solution

Hello reader, Many of us grapple with decisions and often forget that buried within our psyche are the ultimate answers we seek. There are ways to deliberate but ultimately one sure fire way to make…


Enable Silverlight In Linux

Hello reader, This will be a short post but useful if you need to quickly enable Microsoft Silverlight in a Linux system. There are other tutorials for this and I’ll post a link (for non-debian/Ubuntu…


Gayle’s Vintage Clothing

Hello reader, In several articles I’d mentioned how much I enjoy my trips to “Old Milford” Ohio. There is an enjoyably nostalgic atmosphere that lures you in to browse through the eclectic little shops and…

Author Brian Taylor

The Path

Hello reader, Let’s call this an introspective article though it may feel a bit more like a narrative. I have been wandering with my contemplation for a bit and have decided it might be helpful…

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