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The Conditions

Hello reader, Reality as we know it is really something that people could spend a lifetime experiencing without doing much questioning. However many of us do indeed wonder if everything...

Books by Brian Taylor

A Golden Opportunity For Marketers

While it’s no secret that we here at Always In Tao haven’t spent much cash on marketing our books directly… We recognize the value of a good campaign and would...


This is what Microsoft’s Nokia-less Lumia phones will look like

After the Nokia France Facebook page tipped Microsoft’s branding plans earlier this week, Microsoft made if officially official: The company’s future smartphones will be called Microsoft Lumia, dumping the Nokia...


Special Attention

Hello reader, Ordinarily when I speak about attention I am quite clear from the first moment that I mean your “actual attention.” Not your attention span, not your need for...


Avast ye swab

Boredom does funny things to my schedule… I decided that I wanted to play Black Mesa again (awesome game that was built on the half-life source code) and despite getting...

Elementary OS

Elementary OS Review

Hello reader, I found myself reading a bit about Elementary OS and my curiosity piqued… I quickly downloaded the current stable release. Around 4:00 am I decided that I was...

Social Media

Choosing Social Media Followings

Many articles written recently seem to suggest that we should be quite selective in choosing who to follow and conversely who follows us in social media. In fact depending upon...


Wooden Dell by Cliff Wallace

This Wooden Dell a Bloody Screaming Hell the Mangled Bodies Give Proof Of the Gypsy Curse That Has Laid my Company Bare the Pieces Still Cling Crimson Still Streams &...

My MosaicHub Profile

MosaicHub On The Way To Solutions

Countless business related networking sites have demonstrated a model that emulates Linkdin* which of course seems to be the standard. I have come to the conclusion that MosaicHub* has in...


What Changing This World Might Require

Hello reader, Lofty title right? That’s okay though because we are lofty people. We have ambitions as individuals, as families, as communities, even as nations. Many would do well to...

Books By Brian Taylor

This Meditation

Hello reader, Quite some time back I lost my inner narrative. You might wonder if that is good or bad? It’s certainly not bad, and the trick to living in...


Community Level Planning For Ebola

The possible threat of Ebola is being called small, in spite of the evidence creeping in that as it spreads in West Africa more travellers and by default more “infected...