Our Service,

We assess and price your next website project for construction. Our aim is to offer prices within your specified budget. To accomplish this we offer our estimates free of charge, and quote accordingly. *It may not always be possible to include every requested feature within a small budget so some of our quoted prices may reflect that. Don’t worry, we can usually find a way to get you a whole lot for your money.

Once we’ve agreed on a price we do not exceed it. If you ask for any additional changes additional fees will be quoted before such changes are made – or we’ll not charge you for them. In many cases we get through pricing and construction to completion in one business day.

To begin working with us, you’ll definitely require a host and a domain. Once you have completed those steps you may contact us.

Our Quote Process

Initially we’ll request your website layout plan in either a word document, pdf, odt, odf, or related office document format. After that we send you a list of options and prices, you can proceed from there however you like. There is an example here. Example Assessment Request

Content Creation

Any content you wish to put on your website will be furnished by you, or with permission from the original owner – or with appropriate attribution such as “free for reuse with modification” type images and vectors. We can provide content writing for additional fees, but that is a separate transaction after the build and will not be included in any build estimates.

E commerce sites will want to make sure they select a host that has ssl protection and reasonably high bandwidth for their website to function within expected parameters.

Don’t spend too much on logos before pricing our options!