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Life handed them lemons

There are foolish premises that float around dogmatically that seem to bar the miraculously capable from opportunity. I am speaking for those who illustrate such capability. It wasn’t long ago...



Hello reader, In my adventures I have met so many people. Often as I discuss the Tao people seem to listen intently for any number of reasons. Some time back...



Hello reader, Imagine under the sound you are hearing what silence actually is. Wrap your mind around the natural quiet that predominates the universe with just these sounds that emerge...


The Wow Factor In Your Presentation

To step up your live presentation, we have a few suggestions that are absolutely worth considering. Many of us have connected our laptops to a projector to run a slide...


Brownie In A Mug ala Brian

That my friends is a Brownie… This is how to do it: 2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder 4 Tbsp all purpose flour (or pancake mix) 4 Tbsp Sugar 2 Tbsp...


Social Media Magic

By the author of 18 books this incredible mini guide can help you learn to utilize social media to develop networks, take the lead in projects, and reach more customers...


Amazon Versus Best Buy Computer Shopping

Shopping for tech can be daunting, especially when you aren’t sure exactly what you need. Comparing these two services isn’t easy, there are so many factors to consider: Pre-built or...


The Condition Of Subject 7 Series

From the author of 18 books comes this ongoing series in the making which will be condensed into one book at it’s conclusion. After which point these books will be...


Wally The Weasel Books By Brian Taylor

From the author of 18 books comes this selection of hand drawn children’s storybooks, all have been enjoyed by children ages 2-7 and one is educational. Parents love Wally because...

Property of & Courtesy of D.Cincioni

Crayons Evil and Wifi

Ready for your Zen? This will be interesting… Have you ever looked at how people articulate the rules in a religious setting? Do you suppose there is an argument to...


Selecting a Webhost

Several companies that I have used for webhosting have had different tiers of service… I’d like to address that. My very first website was probably one of those free ones...


Changing The System

From the author of 18 books including Always In Tao and The Zealots Guides comes this handy resource guide for using social influence to help change laws in our current...