Mainframes And Cluster Computers

Hello reader, A quick look at the differences between: Cluster Computers Mainframe Computers Workstations PC’s A cluster computer is a system that uses many smaller computers in tandem to accomplish something that an ordinary computer would take far longer to do. A mainframe computer uses as many resources as possible within a single machine to […]

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10 Points Of Focus For A Change Of Experience

Hello reader, No matter what you are currently experiencing it is entirely possible to become more aware of yourself in the present, and begin shifting towards your favored way of being or feeling. Recognize that everything you experience is dependent upon consciousness Note that a neutral feeling doesn’t evoke anything new Consider that whatever is […]

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Microsoft’s Augmented Reality Program

Hello reader, From around the mid 1980’s (Nintendo era,) many of us were looking at the infancy of shooter games and imagining more immersive experiences. The ones that early virtual reality technology flirted with offering to the general public were so cost prohibitive that only a select few ever experienced games like doom through what […]

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The Real Mech Suits

Hello reader, Long gone are the fantasies of childhood for many of us. Among them the daydreams about piloting giant robots into battle, or flying motorcycles… because they aren’t just fantasies anymore. Flying motorcycles too… Essentially we have the beginnings of a technology type that should actually delight fans of Anime. I’m sure with just […]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Review

Hello reader, Having recently won a Samsung Galaxy 4 Tablet in a contest online, I decided to go ahead and “review” it. At first glance I notice the wifi only limitation. For my purpose it should actually not be much of a constraint, between phones and mobile hotspots it’s almost a relief to not be […]

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Quantum Computers And Related Technology

Hello reader, If you have even a passive curiosity about technology and have researched quantum computers, chances are you didn’t get very far unless you started reading about it quite recently. This is mostly due to the scarcity of material that doesn’t simply re-explain the theory driving the concept of quantum computing. A quick recap […]

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