Confused Silence - A New Poem By Joshua James

I received a phone call the other day,
"I'm not ready for this shit"
A worried voice said,
"Yes you are", I replied
And after a few moments
Of confused silence
I hung up.

I received a phone call a while later,
"Thank you, that helped"
A voice said quietly.
"Sorry sir, I think you have the wrong number"
And after a few moments
of confused silence
I hung up.

Upgrades & "Can It Be Saved By Linux?"

Hello reader,

Many are the users of outdated hardware because face facts, "Money isn't growing on trees." This is understandable even if it sucks. What is ultimately unforgivable is continuing to use outdated "Software" and particularly "Operating systems" that are not only discontinued but no longer supported. (Except in VirtualBox because that can be fun.)

Here's the thing

Hello everyone,

This will be the first potential call to action issued by our #WritersCross in quite some time. So whether you are a member, a member in the making, an author, a fan, or just an innocent reader we might very well be speaking to you directly.


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