Note how many packages are available immediately

Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon Desktop

Hello reader, Linux Mint 17.2 has been released and as usual I’m madly in love with what the team has done. Some of the changes in this release include: Cinnamon 2.6 Software Sources Update Manager…

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The Destruction Of The Ego

Hello reader, Perhaps amidst my writing I’ve mentioned that I found this component of meditative practice unnecessary, however for many Taoists this remains an area of interest and so I’ll write about it here briefly….


Inalienable Human Rights

Hello reader, Perhaps we can dive down the rabbit hole together on occassion. Today what seems to be weighing on my mind is the idea that a life spent waiting for a sense of purpose…


Nater Associates Ltd

A testimonial about the value Felix adds It was 2011 when I first started speaking with Felix. Neither of us knew each other prior in any capacity but we both seemed to recognize that the…

Backbox Linux is a Ubuntu based security distribution

Backbox Linux

Hello reader, Backbox Linux is a Ubuntu based security distribution which features penetration testing tools as well as a “privacy focused” approach to normal use. A ram wipe on shutdown option, anonymous browsing options including…


Should You Become An Author

Hello reader, This is a question brought to me through various channels at various points. I’ve been asked some version of this question in interviews, on social media, on forums related to business, and in…


My Review Of Fedora Workstation 22

Hello reader, Many of you know I try every operating system I can, and while admittedly I am biased towards certain Linux distros, it isn’t for “no reason.” I’ve used every Redhat based OS at…

Windows 10 Tech Preview

Is Windows 10 Right For You

Hello reader, I’m normally inclined to look at: features, performance, operability, and stability of most of the operating systems I use before ever suggesting what makes a good fit for the end user. However… The…


Why We No Longer Need The Media

Hello reader, As a culture of adaptive people we might politely overlook things that people do. Celebrity mistakes are a far cry from corporate corruption, political corruption, or law enforcement agents getting away with blatant…

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