Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot ZTE Z289L

Hello reader, Today I’m testing (and using) Straight Talk’s ZTE Z289L mobile hotspot. The device only cost’s $50 (roughly) at Walmart. I discovered after some research that it offers the least expensive prepay data, the device itself works great! Even out here in cell phone hell, where you have to drive roughly 3/4 mile for […]

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Examining What Holds Value In Meditation

Hello reader, Beyond any conceptual thinking a mind retains a recognition of “importance” related to our focus while in the deepest meditative states.  Without thinking in words, we find ourselves perhaps without any struggle, still lingering on whatever draws our attention. What draws our attention? Your attention is like a living thing unto itself, it […]

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Linux and Windows Versions Of Similar Software

Hello reader, There are thousands of applications with nearly identical counterparts between these two operating system “types.” Of course there are probably many similar counterparts for Mac users, but that won’t be the focus of this artricle. Our particular goal here will be to show some of the less commonly demonstrated applications that might have […]

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A Purpose

Hello reader, Intimacy can be described in many ways, but can only be felt by a willing heart. Understanding our own nature as we do, some feelings can go a lifetime unexpressed. Expression is therefore a cornerstone of my Zen. If I try to convey to you a sense of how I feel, I can […]

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