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Free On Wednesday

Hello readers, This upcoming Wednesday (September 24th) all day I am giving away 19 books. I am doing so for a reason. Recently a few trolls have taken it upon...

Property of & Courtesy of D.Cincioni

No Matter What

Examples of racial and religious prejudice have existed since the beginning of recorded history. Often the holy texts of any given culture denounced and advocated the enslavement or eradication of...


How to use Hootsuite and Tweetdeck to Run a Campaign

So while I wait for the video tutorial to render and upload it to YouTube… There are some important things to note about using the same links across multiple social...


Netflix and Amazon Videos In Linux Mint 16-17

Among the more insignificant difficulties faced by some of the newcomers to Linux Mint is that odd occasion to think that when something doesn’t work out of the box that...


Would you?

As an author I recognize the value of good marketing. Throughout my time on Twitter and Facebook I have seen the keys to running successful campaigns. Whether your goal is...


Weightlifters Log

From the author of 18 books comes this power packed guide to developing a weightlifting routine. Forget fad diets and countless hours of cardio, this book will teach you how...


Nater Associates

Among the most trusted names in Security Consulting. I have personally known Felix Nater for years now and have witnessed many of his talks about Workplace Violence Prevention. It was...


Candles For A Cause

Hello reader, My long time friend Dominus Riviera came to me over a year ago with a brilliant way for you all to contribute to your favorite charities. A tool...



Ink and Iron Heroic Fantasy Easily one of my favorite examples of creative writing.  “I love this author’s succinct no nonsense prosaic style.” When I first met him he was...


How much do you know about your android

How much do you really know about your Android operating system? This mobile OS took the world by storm in 2008 and has since been changed and scaled many different...


A special initiative by some very friendly woodland creatures

Hello readers, Many businesses have outreach programs that deserve attention. Many such businesses do a lot to gather tools and resources to help children. In this very special example I...

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Life handed them lemons

There are foolish premises that float around dogmatically that seem to bar the miraculously capable from opportunity. I am speaking for those who illustrate such capability. It wasn’t long ago...