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Hello reader, Here at I find myself doing more business related services these days and have decided to give you a basic overview of what I do. Content Curation: Whether you need a short…

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Patch or Smash Crunchbang Linux

Hello reader, It saddens me to no end to announce the end of Crunchbang Linux. While not one of my daily use distros, Crunchbang was something extraordinary in it’s pioneering vision. A slim and sexy…


A Social Hermitage

Social Hermitage The idea of social hermitage is a bit monastic in it’s origins and typically includes periods of isolation followed by periods of interaction that are well anticipated. The benefits are as numerous as…



A poem by Brian Taylor May 19th 2015 Age betrays the cunning in the end it has been said. Perseverence comes with the normalcy of aches. Often in the twilight we can watch it’s claws…


Building Your Online Presence

Hello reader, While many of us have good ideas about increasing our followings already, increasing presence isn’t exactly the same thing. It takes a mix of planning, precision, and perhaps a bit of luck to…

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Has Piracy Affected Your Bottom Line

Hello reader, As an author who has digital media as a source of revenue I have evaluated this question on many levels, and the answer for me personally is no “Piracy hasn’t affected my bottom…



Hello reader, Just enjoy the video! #ZenChat We love the way you share! ->

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Elementary Freya Linux

Hello readers, As many of you know I play around with operating systems at every opportunity. Up untill quite recently on my HP I was dual booting Linux Mint 17.1 (Mate Desktop) and Windows 10…


Understanding The Spirit

Hello reader, Spirit Spirit can mean many things and while some of them are undoubtably related, some of them most certainly are not. The basic use of the word spirit: is often used to describe…

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