Well it isn't every day that I tell people how to take advantage of a gaping loophole in a sales strategy but here goes.

For the sake of argument let's say you wanted to buy one of my books via amazon. In this instance we'll say The Zealots Guide To Computer Security. Now note that the cover price for the kindle edition is $17.85... (Totally worth it because compare it to books that have roughly half of that information and you are spending twice what I am charging.)

Some people might wonder what goes in to a day blogging here.

And while that varies considerably from day to day, here is a look behind the curtain.

Adding new functions to the site directly...

  • Searching for the plugin that provides the capability
  • Installing it and configuring it
  • Testing it
  • Fixing what I invariably break with the first three steps

Several companies that I have used for webhosting have had different tiers of service... I'd like to address that.

My very first website was probably one of those free ones that nobody visited... This was before social media existed. Today there are actually still places to have a free website but the limitations on what you can do with them are notably:

Many modern dining establishments have managed some excellent pairings in non traditional ways to appeal to the evolving palette.

Traditionally however, the wines used in cooking were almost always the same wines served at the table. Using this knowledge as a foundation to the entire pairing culture, it is certainly worth knowing a few tried and true recipe building techniques that will guarantee that the wine you are serving compliments the dish you are serving perfectly.