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As an author of 19 books Brian Taylor has presented published works on content ranging from Eastern Philosophy to Computer Security and just about everything in between. As a webdeveloper and business consultant he remains active through social media and this website. He is among other things a proud father, meditation teacher, and Linux enthusiast. As a public speaker he is available to give lectures on any of the topics he has presented through his writing. Brian is available for interviews related to the books or other materials presented through this website and in particular the AlwaysInTao materials referred to affectionately by some as Brian's Zen.

Any and all material presented through this website aside from guest content is the intellectual property of Brian Taylor and may not be reused in other publications without express written consent.
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We currently support many of our friends and clients using open source solutions and software. To discover more about open source solutions, read some of our many articles related to Linux. If you need help implementing such solutions with your own business feel free to contact us! Many of our books have been top downloads on amazon in various categories. To view our author page click on one of the many links scattered throughout this website or the book images on the sidebar accompanying the articles themselves.
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